Klabacka Lab

at Utah Tech University

About Us

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Lab Mission Statement

We better ourselves by creating cooperative, inclusive, and productive interactions. We better our world by conducting ethical, purposeful, and practical scientific inquiry.

Lab Goals

  • Make discoveries using evolutionary genetics involving species/populations and their complex traits.
  • Train students in experimental design and laboratory/computational skills to help them investigate scientific questions
  • Prepare students for career/educational opportunities by providing resources, mentorship, and empowerment.

Lab Members

Randy Klabacka (PI)

(CV) I love learning about evolutionary processes driving patterns in reptiles. I am an assistant professor at Utah Tech University, where I teach genetics and bioinformatics and lead research in functional genomics, population genetics, and evolutionary physiology. When I'm not teaching or doing research, I enjoy going on outdoor adventures with my family (especially to look for cool wildlife), playing sports with friends, and enjoying good company. more info at my personal website

David Bean

I recently graduated with a BS in biology from Utah Tech University.

I am currently instructing biology II class while taking courses in bioinformatics and participating in bioinformatics research.

I am also applying to graduate programs in bioinformatics, computational biology, and data science.

Erin Bunch

Erin is a recent graduate with a background in biology and mathematics.

After taking a bioinformatics course as an undergraduate, she is now working on getting a Certificate of Bioinformatics.

She will be doing research on a mitonuclear genomics project in the lab.

Baylee Christensen

I am an undergraduate student at Utah Tech University, emphasizing in Bioinformatics. I am currently developing a bioinformatics tool focusing on permutational combinatorics of gene divergence between two populations, and I presented the tool at Evolution 2023! Some of my interests include finding rare/endemic plant species of the area, indoor and outdoor bouldering, and learning more about Python!

Alexander Everett

I study bioinformatics at Utah Tech University. My interests include medicine and pharmacology. After receiving my Bachelor's, I plan on pursuing a master’s and then Ph.D. with the intent on working in the pharmaceutical industry (focusing on oncological or psychiatric medicine). I spend my spare time writing creatively, having won an award for my poetry and my work performed by the Utah Tech Theatre Department.

Vicente Fernandez Lara

I am Vicente Fernández Lara, an international student on my sophomore year at Utah Tech University.

I am majoring in Biology with natural sciences emphasis.

Dustin Kolste

I am an undergraduate at Utah Tech and I am majoring in biology.

I am researching frogs and freeze-resistant proteins. My interests include anything outdoors, especially finding shed antlers.

Reagan McKee

Reagan is a bioinformatics major who worked on the CatPop population genomics package (which tests for divergence between biological gorups while accounting for population structure) and taking a genomics approach to understand the evolution of a freeze-resistant protein in frogs.

Syrus Miner

I am Syrus Miner, a student at Utah Tech majoring in Biology with a Chemistry minor. I enjoy participating in various research opportunities to further my understanding of the sciences.

Outside of my academic pursuits, I love eating food (not made by myself) and being active.

Laisha Noyes

I am originally from a small town in Texas, but I am currently an undergraduate studying Bioinformatics at Utah Tech University.

My current research is on how phylogenetic distance and mapping success are related.

Seun Onileowo

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Bioinformatics, passionate about leveraging data analysis and computational techniques to drive advancements in genome analysis. Throughout my academic journey, I have honed my skills in computer science, and genetics, gained research experience in bioinformatics. I am eager to apply my knowledge and contribute to bioinformatics while continuing to learn and grow in this dynamic field.

Angelina Romero

My names Angelina Romero I'm a General Biology Major at Utah Tech University.

Currently focusing on my pathway in conservation biology with bioinformatics. I hope to be able to do my future studies with marine life.

I particularly love doing wildlife research currently I am a part of the Whiptail research Team.

Lab Alumni

Dante Celani

Candice Johnson

Kasia Poulson