Fall 2023 Biological Sciences Poster Night

Utah Tech University

Posted on December 05, 2023 · 2 mins read

Fall 2023 Biological Sciences Poster Night.

Six KLab students presented their research at the bi-annual Biological Sciences Poster Night. It was a great turn-out, and all of the presenters did awesome at creating their posters, presenting their projects, and answering questions!

David Bean and Alex Everett presented their research on the genetic regions with high conservation across the bacterial tree of life for a protein complex vital for cell viability in gram-negative bacteria (they received 1st place in the research category!). Reagan McKee presented his work on frog genomic scans to understand the genetic structure and potential function of a gene involved in freeze tolerance in a cold-adapted frog species. Dante Celani presented a project he worked on with Laisha Noyes on understanding how phylogenetic relatedness affects bioinformatic mapping success for short-read genomic sequencing data. And Vicente Fernández Lara and Angelina Romero presented their work with co-author Reagan McKee on a putatively non-native population of whiptail lizards in southern Utah.

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Alex and David present their award-winning poster (1st place)
Reagan showing his fr10 poster with species, gene, and gene-family phylogenies
Dante showing his mapping poster of how read mapping is associated with taxonomic relatedness and phylogenetic distance